One of leaders the companies in the field of development, manufacturing and delivery of means of automation ACS GDS, complexes of the commercial account of gas, telemechanics, etc. special devices

"DP UkrGasTech" LTD
Kiev, Ukraine

the firm was created in the January 2001 of by leading specialists in area of automation industrial enterprises

Certificate Quality Management System

     We welcome you to our website www.dgt.com.ua , Ltd "DP UKRGAZTEH", a firm that develops and delivers new gas technologies in Ukraine.
     Our products are characterized by minimum power consumption, high precision, high degree of reliability and environmental safety.
  The performance characteristics of our products are not inferior products global "brand" manufacturers, but much lower in price.
      Rate specifications and the advantage of our products on the products of other manufacturers, you can on this site.

1.   Devices of commercial metering of gas

   1.1. The power supply IPI 12/3 (IPI 24/2.5), equipment working in the range of temperatures from -40 °C - +60 °C at the range of input circuit voltage from 120 V to 260 V ensures autonomous functioning of metering devices from 5 to 10 days at switching off of mains supply.
   1.2. The controller of power supply KIP-1 equipment completely excludes penetration of hindrances from power circuit and assumes isolation from the earth of power-supply circuits that provides reliable lightning protection.
   1.3. Calculator VR-2 (VR-1), except operation with sensors, having the digital interface also has so-called ''black box" in which results of each measurement of parameters of flow rate are stored within 2 months.
   1.4. Calculator PM-3V, PK-2 have built-in sensors of pressure, temperature and pressure difference (for ''PM-3V") and have the integrated two-wire power-supply lines and information interchange at speed of 19200bit/s and thereby sharply reduce an installation work labour input.
   1.5. Sensors of pressure (under the general name) PD-1 and temperature PT have time of A/D conversions of 100 or 10 ms and are delivered with two possible interfaces. The first interface is the integrated output of 4-20 mА with the imposed digital HART protocol with rate of exchange of 1200 baud or the two-wire digital interface installed by bonding strip with rate of exchange of 19200 bps. The reduced accuracy of sensors can be chosen from a row: ±0,025; ±0,05; ±0,075; ±0,1; ±0,15; ±0,2; ±0,25; ±0,4; ±0,5; ±1,0; ±1,5 or ±2,5% . As a rule, consumers order sensors with an accuracy ±0,1%. %. Similar sensors are released, for example, by Emerson firm which are characterized by basic accuracy of ±0,045%. But overall accuracy (together with additional) is designated as ±0,12% in prospectuses.
   1.6. The multivariate sensor PM-3 3 includes absolute pressure and temperature sensor and also the 4 range sensor of difference of pressures, providing by this such operation modes – ''winter-summer''.
   1.7. Updating of the mechanical calculating device of mechanical turbine meters.
   By installation of the magnetic rolling coupling the meter has an electronic calculating mechanism with installation of recalculation coefficient. However thus there is a technology of receiving impulses in any voluntary moment with all ensuing consequences of mechanical meters. Such replaces of calculating mechanisms were already succeeded. Difference of our technology is that the processor of equalizer of PK-2 can read out from the calculating mechanism of the meter information about an angle of rotation i.e. information about situation is possible to read out, for example, every second at the initiative of the equalizer.

2.   Liquid level sensors

   We use classical hydrostatic method for measurement of liquid level including odorant level. But unlike classical technological schemes the ''+'' сamera of pressure difference sensor doesn't demand connection to a capacity bottom parallel to a vessel but connected through the lowered metal tube through a capacity mouth to a vessel bottom.
   “-'' camera also through a metal tube lowers through a mouth to space over liquid.
   In the course of measurements the metal tube' of ''+'' camera of the sensor is blown by gas by means of the gas pump. As a result' '+" camera with an accuracy of ±0,1% by means of a difference of densities of gas and liquid is connected to a vessel bottom.
   Advantage of such technology of measurement is sensor doesn't adjoin hostile environments and doesn't become soiled.

3.   Odorizers Floutec-TM-D

   3.1. Odorization method in installations of Floutec-TM-D in "DP Ukrgastech" LTD is patented by the staff of firm.
   3.2. Main "highlight" of the technological scheme is technology of measurement of each dose given odorant to the gas pipeline.
   World ''branded'' installations at the best carry out intregrated (i.e. total of several doses) measurement.
   Measurement of each dose allows to exclude completely airlocking of dosing pumps at ''small rates''.
   3.3. Next ''highlight'' of our odorizers is dosing and filling pumps. Their application allows to create some options of installations.
   Range of doses of pumps of 0,035-2 g for various differences of pressure.
   There are also some options of installations depending on use of working capacity.
   One of options with working capacity is used for ''small'' rates and for ''super-large-scale" rates (otherwise the filter cartridge in course of odorization is ''blocked').
   Other option provides supply of doses in the gas pipeline directly from storage capacity. If odorant doesn't contain polluting inclusions, i.e. the filter cartridge won't be blocked, this installation can work without operational personnel about half a year.
   There is a technological scheme of installation, i.e. there is the technology of odorization excluding application of any filters in installation. It is our last development. We didn't find analogs.
   It should be noted that the control cabinet of installation of odorization provides process of acquisition of information as well from the liquid level sensor .

4.   Intensifier (Multiplicator)

   Practically all installations of odorization are atmosphere pollutants because it is required "to bleed" vapors of an odorant in these installations, i.e. their pressure in the atmosphere. The technology of bleeding of vapors of an odorant via the ejector that exists in Russia, on opinion of the operational personnel is "whimsical''.
   We developed the pump-intensifier (multiplicator) which provides a bleeding of vapors of an odorant into gas pipe. There will be no ecological pollution of the atmosphere practically in any installation for natural gas during its application.

5.   Calibrator of pressure difference under working pressure.

   Now debugging of the calibrator which is carrying out automatic calibration of sensors of pressure difference with working pressure comes to an end.

6.   Electronically pneumatic pilot for regulators.

   Application of such pilot doesn't demand use of pulse gas. Pneumatic pump injects gas from output space of the regulator on a regulator membrane. The valve carries out controlled release of pressure on a membrane.
   Such pilot is controlled by the controller and gives the chance of remote change of output pressure of the regulator. Also such pilot allows to use the standard regulator as the shut-down valve and can be applied in need of smooth switching of the main and reserve gas pipeline.
   Application of such pilot allows to reduce sharply dimensions of regulators at GDP, allowing installation of rather smaller regulators by the sizes applied at GDP.

7.   Automatic equipment for smooth control of a flame on gas industrial burners.

   There is a development of the regulator which provides reduction in the range of 1:100. There is also a development of the cut-off valve which consumes the electric power at the time of change of conditions ''opened-closed''.
   It allows to create technology of management of burner flame from 20 sm to 120 sm.
   You can examine our concrete products according to prospectuses and the technical documentation placed below in more details.

       Yours faithfully, staff of "DP Ukrgastech" LTD.

Now been developed and put into production a number of systems,
systems and devices for different purposes :
Complexes of measuring-handling :

  • Complexes of measuring-handling FLOUTEC-TM (16 performances)
  • Complexes of measuring-handling FLOUTEC-TM-1-5; FLOUTEC-TM-3-6; FLOUTEC-TM-3-6-T (with independent power supplies)
  • Complex of measuring-handling FLOUTEC-TM-3-4
  • Complex of the odorizatsii gas FLOUTEC-TM-D (Flouodorizator)
  • Complex of management by GRS redutsirovaniem (GRS KUR)
  • Complex of adjusting of serve of fuel gas in heater natural gas FLAME-04
  • Power system minimum demand КP telemechanics For chinks and a linear part of gas mains
  • Calculators and offsets :

  • Calculator of charges of VR-1 by volume and mass (4 performances)
  • Transformer is multivariable measuring - the PM-3V calculator
  • Transformer-Proof-reader Of The PK-2
  • Transformer-Proof-reader Of The PK-3
  • Pressure transmitters and temperature measurement :

  • Multi-parameter measuring transducer PM-3H
  • Transformers of pressure of measuring PD-1 (20 performances)
  • Transformers of temperature of measuring PT (6 performances)
  • Input devices, processing and transmission of data :

  • The interface device complexes USC
  • The interface device complexes USC-OD"
  • Adapter-M of communication
  • Device of signaling of controlled from distance USD-2
  • Controllers :

  • The MEGAS Comptroller (8 performances)
  • A management comptroller is power KUS-4
  • Controller Managements of crane mKUK
  • Intrinsically safe barriers :

  • Intrinsically safe Barrier BI-2
  • Intrinsically safe Barrier BI-3
  • Intrinsically safe Barrier BI-4
  • Converters :

  • Interface converter RS232/RS232 isolation
  • RS232/PLI isolation interface converter
  • Transformer of the interfaces RS232/RS485
  • Transformer of the interfaces RS232/BELL202
  • Interface converter USB/BELL202
  • Interface converter initiative
  • Transformer RS232/ML
  • BELL202/TOK converter 4-20mA
  • Comptroller-transformer of interfaces
  • Hub RS232 isolation
  • Power supplies and voltage converters :

  • Power Source IP 12/2-4
  • Switching Power Supplies IPI 12 ... 24
  • Power supply IP 24
  • Comptroller of source of feed of KIP-1
  • Transformer 12/12
  • Transformer VPN 24/12
  • Transformer of the VPN-110 tension
  • DC Adapter
  • Verification means of measuring :

  • Calibrator of pressure of universal KDU-1
  • Other devices :

  • Transformers of cathode tension of measuring PN5, PN50, PN75
  • Filter cleaning odorant FO-1
  • Block vent-free ceramic BBK-5
  • Solenoid metering pumps ND2
  • Multiplier
  • Pressure regulator gazodinamichesy RGD-25
  • Memory expansion card PRP

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