Developments  "DP UkrGasTech" LLC

and implementation of devices at the facilities of Naftogaz of Ukraine

FLOUTEK-TM Complex calculators

FLOUTEK-TM complexes

- intended for commercial accounting of gases by measuring volumetric (mass) flow rate and volume (masses) of medium from one to three pipelines by the variable pressure drop method on the standard narrowing device or for joint work with all types of gas meters certified in Ukraine ( including including ultrasonic, rotary and others ).

FLOUTEK-TM-D gas odorization complexes

FLOUTEK-TM-D complexes

- intended for normalized dosing of natural or liquefied gas flow with an odorant along the gas pipeline with the addition of compounds with a characteristic smell to the gas for the purpose of timely detection of gas leaks by the consumer. Odorization of gas is carried out by feeding microdoses of odorant into the gas flow with a dosing valve or pump and measuring amount of each microdose of odorant.

Other systems and complexes

Other automation devices

- Complexes of self-propelled guns GRS
- Equipment for gas heaters
- Liquid level measurement complexes
- Gas reduction systems
- Devices for exchanging and transmitting information in automatic mode
- Controller of physico-chemical parameters of FHP
- A complex of autonomous power supply based on
a gas-dynamic electric generator GP-1
- Other technical devices . . .

About the company

The activity of the company "DP UkrGasTech" LLC began on January 30, 2001.

The main direction of the company's activity is the development and production of means automation in the oil and gas sector, including Complexes of commercial gas accounting, Complexes of gas deodorizers, ACS systems of GRS, equipment for gas heating and its reduction, Calculators (Correctors), mass flow meters, Pressure and Temperature Sensors with stable and precise characteristics in the specified temperature range.

Based on the principles of quality and scientific research approach, the company won the reputation of the best manufacturer and supplier of commercial gas accounting complexes, complexes gas deodorizers and other equipment on the Ukrainian and global markets.

"DP UkrGasTech" LLC is a team of specialists, creative new developments, powerful production and successful competition with European technologies.

The company's specialists are constantly improving the range of products and implementing them the latest technologies to ensure the highest quality of our devices.

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GRS of the future

Development and implementation of devices of the company "DP UkrGasTech" LLC

WARNING !    Necessarily

- for external connection of meters, flow meters, pressure and temperature converters to the Calculator (Corrector) is necessary use shielded copper cable, and when laying the cable outside the installation cabinet - placed in a metal sleeve, pipe or tray and must be grounded according to requirements of State building codes.

The attention of specialists in the development of technical projects of gas accounting and specialists in operation:

FLOUTEK-TM measuring complexes of all modifications do not require mandatory use of ferrite core in electrical connection diagrams and in the delivery set not included !

This information site is intended

- to provide technical assistance to gas consumption metering specialists of NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" and all specialists who use products manufactured by the company   "DP UkrGasTech" LLC